Pink Boutique 

Our BIG PINK mobile boutique includes a dressing room, full length mirror, a/c and heat. We carry women’s clothing, trucker hats, shoes, jewelry & girls’ leggings. We cover the entire Lake Norman area specializing in private parties, company parties, fundraisers, school and sporting events. Open anyday, anytime just for YOU! text 704.402.3319.

Everyone asks the story behind ‘The Pink Boutique’ and owner, Kelly Janow. 

Kelly was born and raised in the heart of the White Mountains of NH.  After college, she moved to NC to advance her career in the racing industry after working for her parents local racetrack throughout her childhood.  Kelly maintained a successful corporate business career in racing for Martin Truex Jr, but decided to leave the industry to raise her two little girls, Tracy and Katelyn.  Once becoming a single mom, Kelly created the Pink Boutique concept because she needed flexible working hours combined with her unique idea and passion for fashion.  Kids come first!

How is the mobile Pink Boutique different from other boutiques?

We offer everything your typical boutique offers with the addition of convenience & specialized private parties. We open our truck for shoppers ANYTIME ANYDAY ANYWHERE!!! The Big Pink Truck is the perfect addition to any fundraiser where we give back 20% of our total sales to the charity or nonprofit organization hosting the event (including sports teams, schools, preschools, classrooms, hospitals, churches, nonprofits, etc). Kelly wanted everything on The Pink Boutique to be affordable, so all items are under $45.

Call or text to book your event today 704.402.3319